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What is the Borescope Inspection camera?

The borescope inspection camera is a visual device comprising a rigid or flexible tube with a lens or shows on one end, an object-glass or camera on the other correlated together by an optic or electrical technique in between.  Compact, portable, and simple to use, the ExtechBR90 or the depstech borescope characteristics a waterproof, flexible 8mm camera […]

How To Operate A Borescope Effectively

The borescope market size in the world is growing at an exponential rate as the demand for effective video inspection tools is increasing for power generation plant maintenance. The US borescope market is expected to grow to $873 million in the next four years. What is a Borescope? The term borescope is often used for any type […]

Can Borescopes Be Used in Oil and Gas Inspections?

Borescopes are specialized devices used to perform inspections in a variety of industries. They are commonly used by technicians in the aerospace industry, and by mechanics to view the internal components of mechanical equipment. Borescopes are also frequently used to perform inspections within the oil and gas industry. Let’s examine the various applications of borescopes […]

What size Borescope Do I need?

Shopping for a borescope? First, determine what borescope size is best for you. This guide will walk you through your options and help you make the right decision. If you’re in the market for a visual inspection tool, you may be wondering what size of borescope is right for you. From airplane engines to intricate […]

How to Use a Video Borescope

Borescopes are specialized optical tools used in inspections and non-destructive testing of mechanical components.  Sometimes referred to as a boroscope, bore scope, fiberscope, borescope camera, video borescope, or videoscope. They are frequently used to recognize defects or imperfections in diesel engines, airplane engines, helicopter engines, pumps and valves, and HVAC systems. Modern video borescopes come with a variety of different features […]